Hello and Welcome to my Website

My name is Danny Staff and I am a freelance web developer from Wigan, Northwest England.

I work extremely hard to keep my site as fresh and up to date as possible in an attempt to reflect my skills in web design and development. This is the fourth time that the site has been revamped and I am proud of the results and hope you are too.

Within the site you will find information about myself, my education, my plans and my experience in my field.

I am currently thinking about writing some tutorials on basic HTML and CSS and maybe upload some of the older versions of the website for users to take a look at

Do not hesitate to contact me with any questions, Thankyou for viewing StaffGFX.

I am a 19 year old student from Wigan studying HND Computing at Wigan & Leigh College. The course consists of Computer Systems, Java Programming, Games Programming, Website Development, Actionscript, Flash Animation, Database Concepts, Systems Analysis and E-Commerce.

So far I am enjoying most aspects of the course. My most favoured subject is Web Development followed closely by Actionscript. I also enjoy the occasional programming challenge in Java

In Website Development I am currently studying JavaScript and soon to be tested with an assignment. In Flash I have been asked to develop an application using Adobe's Flash CS6. I have chosen to write a beginners tutorial to driving to help introduce new drivers into the theory side of their driving test

When I am not working hard in college or on assignments, I take on small web development jobs and graphic design tasks. I find that this keeps my skills in the subject area at their peak. My latest project was a website for a car club known as Lower Legions. For this task I had to work with the client to try and put his ideas on the web. The site is soon to be launched in March and will be maintained by me. This will involve car features close to that of magazine quality, all written purely in HTML and CSS

As for StaffGFX, I try my best to make the site a perfect example for myself and my design skills. When developing my websites I don't just think purely about design, I work hard to make sure that the site is as accessible as possible. This means taking other devices into consideration, different resolutions into consideration and making sure that the site is as browser-friendly as possible

Latest Work

In the past year I have created a few different websites, not all of them were uploaded and made official, but the time and the effort was still there.

The first example above is a small business website: Unwind-Beauty.co.uk. Unwind_Beauty is a local beautician based in Wigan. Unwind requested that I build their site from scratch and put my own personal twist onto it. Once I had completed the build, I presented the site to the client and she was very impressed with the outcome. As it stands today, Unwind-Beauty is under construction for a minor update for the price lists

The second example was a college project that we were asked to do. The tutor gave us three topics and asked us to pick one and build a site to certain specifications. The topics were: Estate Agents, Tea Shop or Jazz Shop. I chose the Estate Agents topic and built Melling Estate Agents to the correct specifications in just over one week. The specifications included: W3C Compliant website in HTML5, at least five pages, Lightbox ready and had to work in two resolution settings (e.g. Computer and Tablet).

The final example above is my latest project. I was made a Club Manager for the new club Lower Legions based in Manchester. I was assigned the task of building the site graphics from scratch and developing a suitable website that matched the clubs 'personality'. This meant that I had to work hard to build a site based on someone else's ideas. The site took roughly three days to build to the club owners specifications and he was very pleased with the outcome. As the site stands, it is still offline, however the club is due to launch in March

Contact Me

Please use the form on the left to contact me via my webmail box with any enquiries.